I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel  is Nikki’s first graphic chapbook from Bloof Books

Houses is Nikki’s first full length poetry book from Horse Less Press

TIE Poet of the Month: Sonnet (59) by Nikki Wallschlaeger at the The Inquisitive Eater – New School Food 8/14/2015

Nikki’s poems Sonnet 24, Sonnet 26 & Sonnet 28 on Elective Affinities

Nikki & Laura Goldstein Collaboration In Bone Bouquet Journal

Two of Nikki’s poems Sonnet (3) & Sonnet (10) on THEthe Poetry

Nikki’s Poem “Sonnet (13)” on Fanzine

Nikki’s poem “Lilac House” on Verse Wisconsin Online

Nikki’s poems  “Artichoke Green House”, “Glitter House”, “Gold House”, and “Castleton Green House” are published on Coconut Poetry.

Nikki’s poems “Bronze House” & “Puce House” & “Linen House” in DELUGE Issue 2, Spring 2014

Nikki’s poem “Peach House” on Finery Online Journal

Chapbook at Horse Less Press titled “I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST BIRD”

Nikki’s Poem ” Pine Green House ” & “Marigold House” at

Nikki’s Poem ” AQUAMARINE HOUSE” at

Nikki’s Poem “CARMINE HOUSE” at

Five Of Nikki’s House Poems at Story Scape Literary Journal

Shirt Pocket Press quarter sheet sized handmade chapbook using A Poem of Nikki’s titled “THE FROGS AT NIGHT”

Click here to see post of this news and pictures of the chapbook

Poems Of Nikki’s In Horse Less Press – Horse Less Review #15

“Let’s Talk About Lava: What I learned about reconfiguring death from a 7 year old” by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Bio, Q&A, and some of Nikki’s writing

REVOLUTIONesque – Poems

Woodland Pattern – Poem

Word Riot – Poem

decomP – Poem

Pirene’s Fountain A Journal of Poetry- poem

Spork Press – Poem

Insect Catapult Press – 2007 Chapbook entitled “Head Theatre”